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I wrote Work it! to help young professionals everywhere take charge of their careers, and find meaningful employment in their ideal line of work. Work it! shows you how to overcome obstacles that may be holding you back from success and fulfillment; how to maintain positivity and passion in everyday life; how to find (and keep) a meaningful, satisfying job; how to seek growth within an organization and find new, challenging opportunities; how to fit in at work and become a respected member of the team; how to practice assertiveness in all aspects of communication; how to get noticed for promotion; how to move up the ladder into management positions; how (and when) to gracefully move on if a position isn’t working out the way you had hoped or expected; and how to have a fun and fulfilling life along the way. In a nutshell, Work it! is the quintessential primer for anyone looking to achieve career success! Click here to read reviews and praise for Work It!

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Wow! It must be the New Year, because I’ve been receiving a lot of questions from readers who’ve just started new jobs and are looking for advice. We’ve all been there. It’s your first day, and you’re not even sure where to hang your jacket. Or whether it’s OK to use...

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