Testimonials for Work It!

This fast-moving, enjoyable book shows you how to get a great job, get paid more, and promoted faster than you ever thought possible.

Brian Tracy

Speaker/Consultant; Author, Focal Point and No Excuses!: The Power of Self-Discipline

Work it! is a must-read for any young person who’s looking to be the best they can be in their careers, whether it be in communications, sales, health care, manufacturing, finance, or the arts. Packed with useful information, author Dudley’s book is organized, detailed, and easy to read. High schools and colleges across America should consider making it required reading before graduation.

Sean Covey

New York Times best-selling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens and The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Denise has written a book that energetically mashes up the life experiences of a woman with a divergent career, who founded and grew a giant and successful business, who has been a life coach for many, and who continues to inspire audiences around the globe. And it’s all her. She tells this story with love, humor, humility, and keen insight into the human condition. There are lessons here for everyone who aspires to have a successful career, find their passion, or just move forward into a truly happy life. Thanks for sharing yourself with us, Denise!

Blake Irving

CEO and Board Director, GoDaddy

Congratulations, Denise! Your newest book, Work it!, is an ideal and indispensable guide for young people to the wilds of professional life. It’s as if you’ve written the Lonely Planet guide to beginning the most important and challenging journey of your life. Don’t even think of leaving home without it.

George Gendron

Founding Editor-in-Chief, Inc. Magazine; Creator of the Inc. 500; Founder and Managing Director, The Solo Project

Denise’s book addresses the last mile that exists between completing a degree or certification and finding the right first job toward a fulfilling career. The ROI on the thousands of dollars required to complete technical training or a degree depends on addressing these core elements to career success, for which the vast majority of students are largely uncertain and highly anxious. Work It! should be required reading for all sophomores and juniors at both the high school and college level.

Scott Dawson

Dean, Orfalea College of Business, Cal Poly

Denise’s book, Work It!, is a valuable tool for young adults entering the working world. She provides useful information that will not only enhance the reader’s communication skills, but also build his or her confidence. We look forward to sharing this book with our club members, and we also look forward to bringing Denise back as a guest speaker this year—our students really enjoy her talks!

Patricia Siqueiros

Executive Director, Variety Boys & Girls Club

As the founder and CEO of The Literacy Company, which connects very personally with young people all over the world on an everyday basis, I believe that Denise’s new book, Work It!, is an extremely valuable resource for anyone who’s looking to find his or her right place in the working world. It’s packed with such detailed, practical information that’s actually useable! And it’s written in a very friendly, readable style. I look forward to sharing this book with all the young people in my life.

Richard Sutz

Founder and CEO, The Literacy Company; Author, Speed Reading for Dummies

As the CEO of a movie theatre corporation whose staff is comprised almost exclusively of persons under the age of 30, we serve as a first-time employer for many bright, exceptional young people entering the workforce. As such, Galaxy Theatres functions as a stepping stone for many who are looking to find their path to a fulfilling career, whether within the company or beyond—and I believe we have an obligation to help our people find their path. Denise’s book is a valuable, insightful, truthful resource for anyone looking to find their optimal place in the working world. I wish it had been available when I started my career! I intend to recommend Work It! to all of our employees, supervisors, and managers in our theatres across the country.

Frank J. Rimkus

CEO, Galaxy Theatres, LLC

It’s about time that someone wrote a book that truly helps young people with strategies for choosing and navigating the challenges of career choices! Denise’s new book, Work It!, is targeted at the young people of today, whether they are just starting out in their careers, or are considering a career change, and are looking for guidance that’s geared specifically toward their values, interests, and experiences. Through working with young people across the U.S. for many years, Denise has pinpointed the most important information needed, and she delivers it in a friendly, ‘arm-chair chat’ style that’s easy to read. This is definitely a must-read for anyone who’s interested in personal success.

Lawrence J. Cohen, PharmD, BCPP, FASHP, FCCP

Professor of Pharmacotherapy, Coordinator of Interprofessional Education, and Coordinator of Continuing Professional Education, University of North Texas, System College of Pharmacy

As both the father of a college senior, and as President of a bank that employs thousands of people, I must say that Denise’s newest book, Work It!, is target-specific reading for anyone looking to get hired, get noticed, and get promoted. Easy to read, nicely organized, and to-the-point without being ‘preachy,’ I will definitely recommend this book to every young person I know.

Kevin Barth

President, Commerce Bank

As the Vice President of Brand Marketing for the world’s largest global market research organization, I have the opportunity to work with countless young adults who are just starting out in their careers. Denise’s newest book, Work It!, hits the nail on the head. She not only manages to share her wisdom in a friendly, helpful, useable format, but she also manages to make us laugh along the way and to remind us of our value as unique human beings. I believe that every young person will benefit from reading this book before starting out on a career path—in any field.

Chris King

Vice President of Brand Marketing, J.D. Power

Work it! is just like Denise Dudley herself—warm, wise, and full of good advice! Any young person looking for their first job—or their next opportunity—will benefit from the coaching Denise offers in these pages!

Beverly Daniel Tatum, PhD

President Emerita, Spelman College